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Western culture should be adopted by India good or bad?

Favor (Good)

  • Culture is not law, change is law of nature, and so if Indians want to adopt some good things of western culture, than itís totally acceptable.
  • Western culture has various practices which are good and it can help us to make our society better.
  • Adopting good practices of any culture is always fruitful.
  • Sending parents to old age home is not a western thing. If it is immoral to send parents to old age homes then why are those old age homes set up.

Against (Bad)

  • There is a big difference between modernization and westernization. People wearing Jeans, T-shirts, Girls wearing short skirts, tops, jeans etc. and feel that they are modern; this is pure westernization - copying what people are doing there... this is not modernization. Modernization takes place in mind rather than in clothes.....
  • Adopting western culture is bad adopt culture but donít forget your own culture.... People rarely care for the old ones' there, albeit we do, but nowadays people are getting busy and they are adopting the means to keep old parents in Old Age Home, which is not our culture.


  • Adopting western culture is not a problem but one should be very carefull whatever they are adopting is good or bad as per the current social standars
  • Just copying western culture wont work .We should find out the pitfalls of our culture and try to reomve them like dowery etc
  • One's personal freedom always matters.It's his own choice to adopt or not.

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Points added by members

Added by: Simran Dabral


Date: 2014-08-26 21:30:36

Added by: Simran Dabral


Date: 2014-08-25 20:09:52



Date: 2014-08-23 21:13:43

Added by: dwaraga

Point: i think western culture is not bad for good thing.we should take only good things

Date: 2014-08-13 17:45:50

Added by: shiv yadav

Point: I thinkwestern culture is so good also like but we do not have to forget our own indian culture only adopt good things of westernization

Date: 2014-08-08 22:01:13


Point: people should not change their dressup with changing culture.midernization is to change our mentality,our thoughts with the time.we should be nerrow minded person. but adopting western clothes and dressup is not good in our society.So sometime it is good to adopt western culture but only for changing our mentality not dressing sense

Date: 2014-08-08 07:46:25

Added by: priyanka basati

Point: I m an indian but ya i agree with this point that i think western culture is better than indian culture because this is depend on us whatever we think and always try to adopt good things

Date: 2014-07-30 18:49:19

Added by: shilpa mathur

Point: ya i agree with you.we should adopted only good things not bad. we need to change our mind positively and try to adpot benificial points.

Date: 2014-07-13 13:18:54

Added by: Nil Nidhi

Point: Yes as my point of view 1 should prefered western culture acordng to ur envirnment wearng western dres id nt mean tat we r modern it depends upon our thinkng .

Date: 2014-07-13 11:35:09


Point: adapting western culture is not bad, try to adapt only good things

Date: 2014-07-08 10:48:17

Added by:

Point: we should not compare to western culture becoz if you go to compare then there will be nothing if we really want to progress then we should focus only ourself not ohers

Date: 2014-07-01 21:59:30

Added by: Amit Singh

Point: Every culture of our world is respectable. And if we talk about western and indian culture then we should understand that both culture have merits and demerits. And if we say western cul is better then I would like to give a very baic example of our school prayer that Hamko man ki shakti dena man vijay kare DUSRO KI JAI SE PEHALE KHUD KI JAI KARE

Date: 2014-06-23 16:35:10

Added by: anil


Date: 2014-06-08 09:31:00

Added by: suraj kumar


Date: 2014-06-01 09:54:26

Added by: Ashif ansari

Point: Westurn culure is not so bad but we must remember our own thing or not forget our indian culture.Thats explain by me.

Date: 2014-05-27 05:10:44

Added by: adil warsi

Point: adopting western thing is not bad because we are using many thing such as metro train computer air condition laptop and many other electronic device highly advance auto mobile. So why not people wear jeans t shirts

Date: 2014-05-21 08:10:24

Added by: anju sharma

Point: wester culture is not soo bad.but this thing is more bad that we forgetting out own culture

Date: 2014-05-19 21:02:36

Added by: Neeraj chaudhary

Point: There is nothing good or bad but our makes it so.

Date: 2014-05-14 10:16:01

Added by: p.mohanasundari

Point: western culture is not bad this is depends upon individual thoughts.people wearing western dresses mainly for comfort .

Date: 2014-04-10 07:39:07

Added by: mohanasundari.p

Point: Adopting western culture is not a bad thing.because this is depends upon individual a days youngsters choosing modern dresses this mainly for comfort.

Date: 2014-04-10 07:30:57

Added by: Alka

Point: Adopting western culture is not bad thing, its depends person to person what they r thinking about.

Date: 2014-04-09 08:36:08


Point: i think indian culchar is best culchar because indian culchuar is respekte culchure

Date: 2014-04-06 13:51:40

Added by: sasuka

Point: ya! i think nowadays most of the people thought that wearing dress like jeans makes we are more dominant from others . modern is nothing but our thought and view changes.

Date: 2014-04-06 05:54:34

Added by: S.Abirami

Point: people nowadays adopt living together thats purely western culture and that does not suit our culture.

Date: 2014-03-17 11:11:22

Added by: Anilchikbaraik

Point: In the my way :we all of known that india have biggest follower of culture in all sector.So it is very gud minner of us so that dont forgot it and be regural through the world coz it is new generation whr is only change is change so we will also change but does not change our moral parts of culture and always have balance to each other on the mordern culture.

Date: 2014-02-20 11:08:12

Added by: Swati Pal

Point: Each coin has two sides i.e. in every culture whether it is western or indian culture has some merits and drawbacks. We are the one who should decide that what should be adopted by us in any particular culture.

Date: 2014-02-11 06:33:43

Added by: Date-2014-2 -2 only one character me

Point: Western culture apnana galat ni h par hamein western dress apne aaspas ki jagah ko dekhker pehnna chahiye or wo isliye ki agar apka jo place jaha ap rehte ho job krte ho ya study krte ho vahan western dress dalte hai ya nai agar vahan loag western culture apnate h or unhe western dress par objection na ho to ap dress western dress use kar sakte h par agar apka place essa nai h ki ap western pehno to hamare liye acha yahi h ki hum western dress na pehne. Mein manti hu ki boys or girls k liye same rules hai par ajka jaisa time h esse time m to hum western dress use na kare to hamare liye acha h

Date: 2014-02-02 10:27:25


Point: if we are taking something good and reasonable but that way is western is not bad .we should change ourself according to time.

Date: 2014-02-02 08:41:59

Added by: shasha25

Point: i think adopting western culture is not bad thing if we are adopting fashion from them,it is nice for us b/c fashion express who you are and you can show you confidence through the fashion...

Date: 2014-01-30 11:47:35

Added by: Saumya Sinha

Point: In India,girls are not treated as being equal to men, Indian society is a man dominating society which is a demerit of Indian society.Moreover it is a thing of tension for parents when a girl child is born to them because dowry practice is still into being.girls are not given proper education bcoz people think that their ultimate aim is to take care of their children and family. So, these practices of Indian culture should be opposed and stopped nd in these regards western culture is better.

Date: 2013-12-26 22:56:39

Added by: jaspreet

Point: it develop the mind to interact with the topic and at last achieve there goal

Date: 2013-12-17 09:09:33

Added by: gaurav joshi

Point: In my opinion i think that western culture is not so bad but even not so good. if we want our country to develop so we have to adopt some facts of western culture

Date: 2013-10-28 07:28:30

Added by: Diganta Haloi

Point: 1.We should adopt but in a right way, we should not forget our own culture and moral values.2.It is very important what we adopt from western culture, modernization is important for development and betterment, but adopting the western culture is not modernization. So westernization should be in the positive thinking.

Date: 2013-10-24 01:59:41

Added by: Vijay Raj Sharma

Point: in my point of view, everything depends on results. if u see in India all the problem due to development. if we developing, then all problem will automatically solve. the people in India are very orthodoxy. we are not talking about i think western culture is better than Indian culture.

Date: 2013-10-07 00:15:53

Added by: jameer Ahmad

Point: according to my point of view we should changed our thought and learn always good manner and apply in our society but never forget our culture

Date: 2013-10-05 04:17:49

Added by: Aashu Rawat

Point: In my point of view, first we have to change our mentality in a good manner because it is more important step in modernization.

Date: 2013-09-25 11:06:46

Added by: Teena sharma

Point: we should adopt the western culture but in a right way and never forget about our culture and moral values

Date: 2013-09-20 08:57:18

Added by: gauri

Point: How there is head and tail for a coin there is both positive and negative impact of western as well as indian culture.i think both cultures are unique in there own way. we should ADOPT all good qualities of both cultures and put it into use in our life.BUT SINCE IM AN INDIAN I WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT MY COUNTRY AND MENTION THAT, indian culture is so flexible and so adjusting that it can adopt all the good things from other countries or culture.I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND MY CULTURE!

Date: 2013-08-26 11:57:50

Added by: chittibabu.

Point: to compare with indian culture is western culture is best why because western cultures are always tries to reach our goal should be particular planned. and the indian culture is expressed neglegency. and prepared a plan but cannot be maintained perfectly.

Date: 2013-08-24 19:25:48

Added by: basumatary

Point: adopting to new culture is not a problem. everything changes with time so willour culture and society. but what we should be careful about is what we adapt. our morals and values must not be forgotten while adapting to these new changes. modernization is important for the betterment of the society. but aping the west is not modernization.

Date: 2013-08-21 13:37:11

Added by: Nitin Bhatnagar

Point: If you adopted western culture like technology civilization business statragy is good for change your life but don,t take negative like divorce drinking freedom. Freedom is good but access of every thing is bad for ur life. Life is too short live gently and smartly and adopted positive thinking from western culture.

Date: 2013-08-11 13:59:31

Added by: Nitin Bhatnagar

Point: If you adopted western culture like technology civilization business statragy is good for change your life but don,t take negative like divorce freedom. Freedom is good but access of every thing is bad for ur life. Life is too short live gently and smartly and adopted positive thinking from western culture.

Date: 2013-08-11 13:58:36

Added by: vani ...vanitha .r

Point: Western culture has vaňous practices which are good nd it can help us to make our society is better .

Date: 2013-08-04 10:05:24

Added by: Akshita

Point: adopting western culture is not bad but if we are copying their cloths then we should also copy their mentality and thoughts

Date: 2013-08-02 07:34:20

Added by:

Point: But sometimes good because western culture has time management was so good.And devotion to our nation very well.

Date: 2013-08-02 00:55:35

Added by: Amit rajput

Point: Western culture is very bad because due to this culture indian peoples are forgetting their culture. And they gives more importance to western culture which is like crime

Date: 2013-07-26 10:17:52

Added by: chandra prakash sharma

Point: i think western culture is not good as indian culture in the field of respect.we respect our parents and teachers by touching their feet which represent that we are learner but in usa no person do like that.

Date: 2013-07-26 09:47:20

Added by: sachin kk

Point: western culture is better than Indian culture in some cases.

Date: 2013-07-17 11:34:29

Added by: chinna

Point: Day by day culture is ruined in large due to media like T.V shows,pictures,some songs which are unable to see with families e.t.c. In our all traditions whether it be in clothes wearing,eatables e.t.c. now it is the duty of every citizen to take urgent steps to have minimum use of western traditions.

Date: 2013-07-09 03:07:50

Added by: Rabia Shafi Thind

Point: From my point of view, adopting western culture is good also like it .....but we do not have to forget our own Indian culture ..........

Date: 2013-07-04 23:34:23

Added by: Ms.Vishal kumar gupta

Point: Point.- western culture has various practices which are good and it can help us to make our society better. Indian culture is better than western culture because india is more popular for honest, trust, responsibility, respect to all other people.

Date: 2013-06-27 02:05:11

Added by: Sandeep Gop

Point: Most of the people in western are get love western both husbend and wife are responsible to run theire family.

Date: 2013-06-15 10:58:10

Added by: Jeya

Point: Indian culture is better then western culture because india is more popular for honest,trust,responsibility,respect to all other peple

Date: 2013-06-13 10:27:42

Added by: deepak chotu

Point: it is not matter.. to copig western culture .....every culture is good for things

Date: 2013-05-28 01:49:41

Added by: sanaya

Point: Western culture is not adopted by each and every one in the society. some people follow it while some don't which leads to change in the opinions of people.Sometimes people follow the culture blindly just because everyone else around is following. Western culture can be adopted by a person but it should be based on one's opinion and not because one wants to follow the crowd.Some values and traditions of western culture are very different from that of indian culture. Some people who have a broad mindset can accept it but people brought up in indian culture have a hard time of accepting it hence leading to arguments and fights in generations with a wider age gap.

Date: 2013-05-27 04:11:46


Point: copying and adopting western culture are two different things. Yes it is not harmful to copy or adopt the teachings of the western culture but when those teachings conflict with the teachings that our family instilled in us, its time to throw in the towel

Date: 2013-05-20 10:00:11

Added by: Ujjwal kumar

Point: people think that drinking alcohol is part of western culture but it actually start from india as charas,ganja,bhang.

Date: 2013-05-03 14:12:47

Added by:

Point: we should take the western culture but at some limit when it strike with our culture so that time we should leave the western culture

Date: 2013-04-22 14:54:49

Added by: Biplab kumar jena

Point: friends,i will say who is saying western culture affecting us ,that is not right,because we peoples are adopting that instead avoiding. we are making ourself or counting as western by follwing them. just girl are most liking to wear skirts and jeans rather salwar. some like to wear only for covering gender marking part of body rather to cover totally body like musilims girl. so we can't say western culture is making this.

Date: 2013-04-22 13:57:51

Added by: bhaskar bhatt

Point: Point:-western culture is good for someone just like indian culture because every culture has some own positive

Date: 2013-03-05 10:44:19

Added by: Ashutosh kumar

Point: western culture has some positive thing which we should adopt because that are beneficial for us

Date: 2013-02-28 05:29:06


Point: point of view from my side is western culture is good but within limit and certain situations.

Date: 2013-02-20 07:19:50

Added by: shrithi

Point: indians r should behave as indians and westerners can be a westerners .if,there is any grind v hav ready to face the consequencies.

Date: 2013-01-30 09:36:40

Added by: s.Adlin femil

Point: Nowadays people's are eating food to satisfy their hungry not for their health they werw choosing fast food items....

Date: 2013-01-23 06:27:06

Added by: chaitu

Point: Indian culture is very respectable culture in this world. All the western people are trying to adopt our culture. Adopting western culture is good now a days but there is also some limits some kind of western culture is spoiling our india respect. Adopting to another culture in our limits is good for us and society.

Date: 2013-01-04 04:33:29

Added by: Bitupon gayan

Point: No need to copying westernisation we indians r happy with our own indian culture ;-> stop copying other.

Date: 2012-11-28 08:30:00

Added by: Summi kausher

Point: We should adopt the western culture but it is bitterly correct that the western standard is the upgraded version of our indian culture.we hv to analyze be4 adopting the western culture that if it is either to be preferable for our sake of economy or our social standards than it is nothing to worry about acceptance. Mind it" WESTERNISATION IS NOT OUR MODERNISATION"

Date: 2012-11-16 08:01:02

Added by: jansi

Point: is westernisation a cultural degradation or enrichment

Date: 2012-10-06 03:16:36

Added by: Amit kumar das

Point: We are becoming selfish,greedy etc accepting wrong things rather than good things.

Date: 2012-10-04 21:55:50

Added by: pruthiraj sahu

Point: my opinion is that,every country should have their own specialisation means they should have their own image,own culture rather than coping's true that to lead,there is something to adopt but not by avoiding our culture.

Date: 2012-09-15 09:21:13

Added by: meenu kumari

Point: Adopting thins is not bad.....but shud see our culture nd morals our indianlism is not see wat we are adopting is useful or not.....

Date: 2012-09-15 09:16:24

Added by: HARIKA

Point: following westrn cultre is good..but 4getting our own culture is bad..

Date: 2012-09-09 19:50:48

Added by: maddy

Point: western culture shuld be has mor merits dan its demerits

Date: 2012-08-28 08:05:25

Added by: Amisha

Point: Ya it would be right to say that only copying western countries will not help us. We need to understand its plus and minus points

Date: 2012-08-09 11:09:45

Added by: Santosh

Point: western impact is make the strong impact our culture. now a day most of the Indian people are forget the culture of India and they are habitual with western culture.

Date: 2012-08-06 22:24:04

Added by: sankar

Point: If a man strats to change his culture form his own culture it lead to extinct of his community

Date: 2012-07-31 02:57:58


Point: it depends how you adopts the culture i want to give you a example it depends on nurturing of person ..let we have one has nurtured very well and has given values and another who havnt given prop[e nurturing then one who has given values he would thing twice or three time for doing bad things

Date: 2012-07-26 23:40:21

Added by: devu

Point: I think western culture is good to some extent in india

Date: 2012-07-25 04:45:58


Point: adopting the western culture completely is not good.v can follow the good points in their culture.a vry few social evils that exist in our culture must b eradicated (like-dowry,unclean habits etc.).old is really gold ,,never forget our past

Date: 2012-06-20 07:59:12

Added by: B.Bravara charyulu

Point: Adopt culture is not a matter but you need to know what type of culture you adopting either it is good r bad.culture is not depends on wearing dresses its depends on our thinking.

Date: 2012-05-15 13:33:50

Added by: chejerla.chandra sekhar

Point: when you adopt any culture take only westrun way of living,coducting themselves r important

Date: 2012-04-26 13:35:29

Added by: RTR

Point: Its all about globalisation ...western culture should be adopted in a should be like a TRADITIONAL COUNTRY like India should keep asides it own culture...

Date: 2012-04-02 04:18:58

Added by: Raghavendra Kuttabadkar

Point: culture is not something wjich we adopt but something which we grow inside ourselves. its comes first from mother then father then the teacher in the schools and then the guru whom we depend so much for the spiritual tregeration its good to take good western thougts and adopt to their education thinking leave behind teir sense of excessive freedom

Date: 2012-03-31 07:27:38


Point: hey wht i feel is that .... learning smthng is nt bad at all if we r adopting smthng frm westevern so whts bad in it ery country has its own style as we can see in our daily life if we like any quality of frnd we would like to adept it so same as changes r law of nature... n this is human behaviour the things which r nt dynamic ppl don't take interest in it at all....westernization should be adopted whilst having its own culture

Date: 2012-03-01 11:59:25


Point: hey wht i feel is that .... learning smthng is nt bad at all if we r adopting smthng frm westevern so whts bad in it ery country has its own style as we can see in our daily life if we like any quality of frnd we would like to adept it so same as changes r law of nature... n this is human behaviour the things which r nt dynamic ppl don't take interest in it at all....westernization should be adopted whilst having its own culture

Date: 2012-03-01 11:58:43


Point: hey wht i feel is that .... learning smthng is nt bad at all if we r adopting smthng frm westevern so whts bad in it ery country has its own style as we can see in our daily life if we like any quality of frnd we would like to adept it so same as changes r law of nature... n this is human behaviour the things which r nt dynamic ppl don't take interest in it at all....westernization should be adopted whilst having its own culture

Date: 2012-03-01 11:58:42

Added by: hbk

Point: assimilation nature of indian culture is best part of it,rigidness is never godd for any culture and people of that culture.but in addition to that we should be meticulously choose what to adapt and what to sac.and any adaptation should not be forced to be conceived by any one.let the people decide are they going to adapt that or not.

Date: 2012-02-25 01:48:43

Added by: deepak pantaula

Point: western culture is not good,,inspite of adopting that we should improve our culture,,and give a impression of our culture to the whole world....

Date: 2012-02-04 11:24:33

Added by: krish

Point: Every country has its own individuality., We have our own culture to preserve. Due to climate our dresses differ from western culture and we haven t adopt our own culture fully now. So first we adopt our culture .already our children have forgotten their own mother tongue, our culture, love and respect towards the elders and it is our duty to make them realise our own culture.

Date: 2012-02-01 08:31:49

Added by: divya bharathi

Point: in my point of view adopting western culture is good.

Date: 2012-01-27 06:16:56


Point: Don`t you think Africans also copied some of the WESTERN CULTURE?

Date: 2012-01-27 05:31:09

Added by: zeba

Point: Every culture has its own its not bad to adopt gud things from any culture LIKE education pattern, discipline etyc etc.....nowdays poeople think by wearing western dress they will become modern.........but those innocent people dont know that modernisation comes through education not by dresses......STILL Indian culture is we respect our elders and we give time to our parents but in western country people dont have time for their parents nd they sent them to old age homes.

Date: 2012-01-23 10:31:16

Added by: venkat

Point: people should adopt western culture and that should not violate their own culture

Date: 2012-01-21 02:43:46

Added by: Sarita

Point: Well , it is good to adopt wesntrn culture bt b must careful öne should adopting whatevr dat should b good

Date: 2011-11-28 17:49:05

Added by: Sarita

Point: Well , it is good to adopt wesntrn culture bt b must careful öne should adopting whatevr dat should b good

Date: 2011-11-28 17:47:45

Added by: Gaurav Parmar

Point: Point:Yes as culture is changing day by day and to adopt whatever culture requires and some time for changing the atmosphere which is good for growth of country

Date: 2011-11-27 17:08:46

Added by: divyasi

Point: ummm ........... i think western eastern both hav favoulously known for their own cultures. we should take out gud points and follow that. we r nt in mood of fight for culture?

Date: 2011-11-20 20:04:31

Added by: Madhurita Roy

Point: wearing western dress does not mean adopting western culture, we can adopt things from any of the cultures but we should have the judgement power which elements are to adopt and which not to. blindly copying to any culture is not good but a proper implementation of any good or helpful things are always appreciable.

Date: 2011-11-04 08:39:22

Added by: Akshay khatri

Point: Westernisation shows standard of living in certain sence,so, by creating some short of limits, its but obvious thing it should be adopted.

Date: 2011-10-05 23:46:22


Point: regarding education we should adopt western culture but we should not adopt their dressing style which causes sedutation

Date: 2011-09-24 10:36:12


Point: regarding education we should adopt western culture but we should not adopt their dressing style which causes sedutation

Date: 2011-09-24 10:35:59

Added by: Neha khanna kota

Point: changes are the law of nature and if anyone wants to adopt this or change accordingly its not cause any harm to our culture bt one should always be in his or her limit while adopting western culturehe or she should not cause any harm to anyone....

Date: 2011-09-13 11:21:04

Added by: dhwani

Point: Bcoz of western culture,confusion is literally being encouraged;in ppl's mentalities,in their sexualities and even in their drinks

Date: 2011-08-14 21:17:10

Added by: rajesh

Point: they wear seductive dresses which is not suitable 4 indian people, because no prostitution is not legal, living relatioship is not allowed. n seductive ddresses creates that type of whammy

Date: 2011-08-05 15:21:25

Added by: lakshmi sowjanya

Point: regarding education we can adopt westren culture y because in westren culture children depends on parents up to certain age after that they will leave on their own legs i.e is they have their own status.

Date: 2011-07-17 18:39:53

Added by: Sharon

Point: I think western developments should be adopted for us to move forward in the 21st century...

Date: 2011-06-16 22:44:45

Added by: akansha

Point: adopting the western culture is not difficult but it is depend on our that we adopt a culture in wrong way or good way.i adopted western culture because of their new ideas,method,education,career, freedom we see that we adopt or not.

Date: 2011-06-14 18:08:05

Added by: priyanka

Point: western culture are adopted by the indians but some people adopted in wrong is the best in lifestyle, food,education , growth in career , etc.western culture yhr status of men and women are equal.

Date: 2011-06-14 18:02:34

Added by: raghav dave

Point: why western culture having a more value than india..bacause their are living for their it"s good thing to live for the society...not live for them......whom indian people doing very proudly....

Date: 2010-07-12 20:49:42

Added by: priyanka vyas

Point: I m totally against of this topic, its not acceptable for us to adopt others culture. In western culture, most of the things are showing bad activities like not respecting their parents and elders, and many more and very less things are good so what to expect from that culture and why. India's culture and tradition are best and unique then why should we adopt others culture.while the western countries are not ready to accept our culture then why are we copying them

Date: 2010-06-15 01:03:40