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Bangalore, DHNS: For the first time, the State will get an under-graduate programme in aeronautics and avionics through distance education programme. Proposed by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Bangalore regional centre, the programme aims to benefit the students of the State by creating more job opportunities for them. "There is a major boom in the aviation industry with more foreign and domestic airlines making a foray into the market. In spite of this, there is no sufficient manpower in the sector. Therefore, the course will serve as a platform for the students to enter into the industry," IGNOU Regional Director Dr B S Sudhindra said. The programme is a collaborative effort with several academic institutes and airline industries. According to the proposal, it will be conducted in various engineering colleges and industries in the state, which will have aircraft design and maintenance centres. The students will visit these centres, which is part of their practical programme. The programme would be offered under B.Sc course, scheduled for three years. The uniqueness of the programme is that students are given an option to study both aeronautics and avionics or either of them. Students have to compulsorily attend both practicals and theory subjects. However, the curriculum is yet to be framed by the university. Students who have completed their 10+2 with mathematics as one of the subjects are eligible for the course. The proposal also states that students with engineering degree can either opt for avionics or aeronautics. Further, students can get PhD diploma, PG and MBA certificates in these areas. "The proposal has already been accepted by the IGNOU Vice Chancellor Prof V N Rajashekharan Pillai. However, the proposal will go through the various academic bodies for the approval," he added. The programme if accepted will be implemented next year. The first year of the programme would be launched in Bangalore and few other selected cities in the state. Bangalore, DHNS: IGNOU is willing to extend assistance to toy manufacturers to hold workshops. The regional director of IGNOU Dr B S Sudhindra said, if entrepreneurs come forward with projects on innovative vocational course, the regional centre is ready to support them. The director said, the innovative vocational course can be anything. "It can even be toys. Why can't we produce toys like the Chinese are doing? People in toy industry, willing to introduce some innovation in the profession, are also invited to hold workshop and the IGNOU is ready to extend every assistance." said Dr Sudhindra