Oxford University Medical School

The Medical Sciences Division

The Division comprises over 2200 academics and staff, 800 graduate students and 900 undergraduates; about 350 NHS Clinicians and GPs contribute to our teaching activities. In total over 2500 individuals are involved in research.

Medical sciences research at Oxford has maintained its pre-eminent standing, as demonstrated by the results of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Analysis of the preliminary results published in December 2008 places Oxford medical sciences research as being of the highest quality in the UK in four separate medical science disciplines.

The Times Higher Education has analysed the original data provided by HEFCE and has published a league-table style analysis that ranks the quality of the research submitted to each Unit of Assessment (UoA). In this analysis, Oxford is ranked highest in the UoAs of

* Cardiovascular Medicine,
* Infection and Immunity,
* Primary Care & Other Community Based Clinical Subjects,
* Pre-clinical & Human Biological Sciences.

Oxford achieved a second place ranking in the UoAs of

* Psychology,
* Biochemistry,
* Other Laboratory Based Clinical Subjects.

A three (pre-clinical) + three (clinical) -year course for:

those with the necessary A-level or equivalent
graduates with a degree (including
humanities). Graduates may complete this
course in five years by omitting the third year.
Graduates with a degree in an experimental
sciences subject (please see list of qualifying
degrees on our website) may alternatively
apply for the shorter, four-year course.

A four-year course for:
graduates with a degree in an experimental
sciences subject
This is an intensive course, the first two years
focus on the medical sciences with clinical
training integrated throughout. The final two
years of the course are the same as the fifth and
sixth years of the six-year course.

To the Pre-clinical Course (years 1 to 3)
Applications are made through UCAS. The UCAS
course code and title are A100 and BMBCh. The
closing date for applications is mid-October (in
common with all UK medical schools) and
interviews are held in mid-December. All
candidates, including overseas candidates, must
be prepared to travel to Oxford for interview at
the designated time.

To the Accelerated (4-year) Course
Applications are made through UCAS, with an
additional set of forms sent directly to Oxford. The
UCAS course code and title are A101 and BMBCh4.
The closing date for applications is mid-October.
The process includes a short test (the UKCAT –
details available at www.ukcat.ac.uk/home/) and a
set of interviews. The purpose of the test is to give
us a single common point of comparison between
all candidates: all candidates, including those who
have poor A-level or first-degree results, or who
graduated some years ago, will be on equal terms.

To the Clinical Course (years 4 to 6)
There is a joint admissions procedure for entry by
Oxford and Cambridge pre-clinical students to
the clinical schools of Oxford, Cambridge and
London Universities. A common application form
for candidates from Oxford or Cambridge is
available from the Medical Sciences Office and
must be submitted by 4 January in the intended
year of admission. Further details of the
admissions procedure are issued with the
application form. Interviews for all candidates are
held during January.


Six –year Course
Home and EU1                                       International1
Year 1     £3,290 per annum                                    £14,000 per annum
Year 2     £3,290 per annum                                    £14,000 per annum
Year 3     £3,290 per annum                                    £14,000 per annum
Year 4     £3,290 per annum                                   £25,500 per annum
Year 5     Fee is funded in full by the NHS          £25,500 per annum
Year 6     Fee is funded in full by the NHS          £25,500 per annum

Four-year Course
Home and EU1                                                     International1
Year 1     £3,290 per annum                                            £14,000 per annum
Year 2     Fee is funded in full by the NHS                  £25,500 per annum
Year 3     Fee is funded in full by the NHS                  £25,500 per annum
Year 4     Fee is funded in full by the NHS                 £25,500 per annum

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