Distance Education vs Correspondence

Distance education and correspondence are two modes of study. Both methods provide education and degree remotely without attending the classes physically. Both Distance learning and Correspondence terms are used interchangeably. Here we will discuss the difference between the difference between the two.

Distance learning is one of the way to get the degree remotely. Most of the institutes offer distance learning courses. After completing these courses students get the degree in the same course. Distance learning courses are almost real time. Where professors deliver online classes to students through different methods. Like videos, Audio lectures, Chats, Question answer sessions. This method is more dynamic. It is good for people who want to learn from the experts.

Correspondence is another method to gain degree remotely. Most of the institutes offer the correspondence course and after completing the correspondence course student get the degree. Correspondence courses are not dynamic and real time. In Correspondence courses students receive the bulk of study materials at one time or periodically. Then Students have to do self study and self prepare for the exam. Interaction level in correspondence course is very less.Student has to gain the knowledge based on the study material provided. Not must involvement required from the teachers in this method.

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