Engineering with MBA in four years

Most of the engineering courses are of 4 years and full time MBA courses are of 2 years.A student spend 6 years to read all those books without getting any practical knowledge.

To reduce this time a college comes up with a solution.

From the next academic year, VIT University in Vellore will offer two major subjects in its BTech programme. Students will have the option of pursuing regular engineering majors or study an engineering subject as the first major and a management subject as the second. “This is done in response to industry’s need for engineers with strong additional background in management subjects. Many engineers become project managers in 10 years. This course could reduce the time significantly while equipping them with skills to get on the job soon.To get a BTech degree with two majors, students will have to take 10 extra subjects in human resources, marketing, finance or general management. The students opting for two majors can still complete the degree programme in four years.


What you guys think.Is this course going to help students to learn engineering and MBA skills in short term.Or it will just generate¬† geeks and nerds who are just good at studies but practically not worth.Share your views…


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