INDIA's Best MBA college

The Financial Times has just released its new global MBA rankings for 2011.According to the Global MBA Rankings 2011, the Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX) delivered by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) was placed 11th. This is the first time IIM-A has been included in the ranking.Next indian college in this list is ISB which is at 13 th position.

For IIM-A, an important component of being eligible for this ranking is that three batches of students should have passed out of a B-school to qualify for this particular ranking.

Shailesh Gandhi, professor and chairperson of the PGPX programme of IIM-A, said: “This ranking proves we are moving into the international league. ISB always had the advantage of a substantial international faculty component, which IIM-A has not had. Another important feature for the ranking is the substantial work experience of the students and this speaks highly of our batch profile. Most of the students of this batch are about 32-33 years and have an average work experience of 11 years. This comparative advantage that was garnered by the institute will simply add on the strength of its students work profile before they joined the PGPX programme.”

In September 2010, IIM-A had been ranked eighth for its two-year postgraduate programme in management (PGP) in the Financial Times Masters in Management 2010 ranking from among 71 programmes.


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